Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Frankie is here!

The ghouls were very excited when Frankie Stein arrived!
Frankie's Dance Day Schedule
already BFF's
creepy cute
making themselves at home with a blow-up couch borrowed from Barbie
Handmade clothes from felt and ribbon, accessories are bracelets!

Lagoona is SO GORGEOUS
DracuLaura took a (slight) break from her signature color and opted for a yellow dress...still managed to sneak a baby pink belt into her outfit though!
Frankie's hat is made from wired ribbon, freakishly fab huh?
Playing dress-up! DracuLaura's is Ariel, Frankie is her mom and Lagonna is Cinderella!
Freaky Fabulous Friends
This time DracuLaura is a Fashionista Dancer and Lagoona is Princess Jasmine!
Frankie loved the outfit she borrowed from Scary Spice (it goes freakishly well with her hair).
More handmade clothes from ribbon and lace, Lagoona was showing DracuLaura her creepy cute dance moves.

Just being ghouls...<3

All of these photos are mine, image backgrounds are from a Secret Gardens 2007 Calendar. 

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