Sunday, December 26, 2010

New Look Alike

Don't ya think that Back to the Future III's Mary Steenburgen looks a lot like 40-year-old-Virgin's Catherine Keener?

Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Bicycle Thief

This is a paper I wrote for my World Cinema Class that I JUST finished. I can't say that I am a huge fan of foreign cinema (at least not from the 38 foreign films I watched during this semester). This one though I must say is worth viewing!
 “Today, more than in any other passage in film history, the tactics and ideals evoked by ‘Neorealism’ continue to represent the struggle for authenticity and political engagement in cinema.” (Criterion, Cheshire). Neorealism was a period of filmmaking that began in 1945 with the release of Rossellini’s Open City and ending in 1951 with De Sica’s Umberto D. (De Los Rios).  The Neorealist movement strived to present a new level of realism to the cinema at the time. The Bicycle Thief is the most well-known film from the Neorealist period. (Wikipedia, The Bicycle Thief). Vittorio De Sica’s 1948 film, The Bicycle Thief exemplifies the Italian Neorealism style and form in several ways.
Non professional actors were cast for the film. The main character, Antonio Ricci played by Lamberto Maggiorani, was himself a factory worker (Wikipedia, The Bicycle Thief). In his essay Bicycle Thieves: A Passionate Commitment to the Real, Godfrey Cheshire refers to the Italian actors in the background as having “hard-bitten faces” (Criterion, Cheshire). Charles Burnett agrees in his essay Bicycle Thieves: Ode to the Common Man. “The main actors in the film are ideal. Their faces are so expressive. They seem to be playing themselves. The background players’ faces are also always incredibly expressive, which adds to the illusion of reality” (Criterion, Burnett). The use of actual Italian citizen’s in The Bicycle Thief, ads to the authenticity of the film. Because the characters that appeared onscreen were locals, they were speaking in their regional dialect which was typical of a neorealist film (De Los Rios).
Neorealist films were shot nearly exclusively on location, mostly in poor neighborhoods (Wikipedia, Italian Neorealism). The Bicycle Thief was shot completely on location in Rome (Wikipedia, The Bicycle Thief). The film was an attempt to return to regional naturalism by De Sica (De Los Rios). The Bicycle Thief plays out like a portrait of Rome as one of the great “city films.” The film is shot in a documentary-style with actual scenic locations that include a union hall, the Porta Portese marketplace, a church, a brothel, and a soccer stadium (Criterion, Cheshire).
A portrayal of life among the impoverished and the working class is a prevalent element of neorealist films (Wikipedia, Italian Neorealism). It is clear in the film that Ricci desperately needs money. He is attempting to support his wife and two children, but is unemployed at the start of the film. The place where Ricci and his family live is little better than a hovel. He and his wife Maria have to sell their bed sheets to afford buying a bicycle so that Ricci can do his poster hanging job to provide for his family. In The Bicycle Thief, the settings help convey what the character is feeling (De Los Rios). Ricci walks the chaotic city streets in search of his bicycle which emphasizes his desperation and the impossibility of ever finding it again. At one point in the film, it starts pouring rain which articulates the fact that the odds are against Ricci. The Italian restaurant where Ricci eats lunch with his son Bruno is clearly too expensive for him to afford. The two of them look out of place in their drab clothing. As the scene plays out it is clear that Ricci is concerned only with living in the moment and pretends that everything is fine in his life to alleviate the pain of losing his bicycle.
Realism was always emphasized in the neorealist movement (Wikipedia, Italian Neorealism). Objective Realism was at work because of the open-ended narrative and unresolved plot line of the film. It is considered a realistic portrayal of life because of the unclosed end (De Los Rios). Since Ricci doesn’t find his bicycle by the end of the film and the final scene depicts him and his son Bruno walking the city streets in tears, the audience is uncertain as to what will happen to them and there is no sense of closure. Burnett describes how the “unromantic” film typifies real life through Neorealism, “Bicycle Thieves gives meaning to the common man. And, as is often the case in life, reality here doesn’t have a happy resolution…life was basically a continuous struggle” (Criterion, Burnett).
Subjective Reality is another Neorealist tool used in the film which emphasis a character’s state of mind within the film. In the scene where Ricci goes to the soccer stadium, still in search of his lost bicycle, he sees hundreds of them. His perception is that he is totally surrounded by bicycles (De Los Rios). In reality, there are probably not that many bicycles; Ricci is just focused on them because of his predicament. The numerous bicycles taunt and torment him which drives him to eventually steal one.
The film also includes people performing relatively ordinary tasks. This is an indulgence in moments unrelated to the plot that draw attention to small details which is also characteristic of Neorealism (De Los Rios). This helped the people in the film appear natural because they were doing normal everyday activities that didn’t require any “acting” abilities. A perfect example is when Ricci and his son Bruno are getting ready the first morning Ricci starts his new job. Bruno is cleaning the bicycle for Ricci, but opens the window in order to have more light. Ricci’s wife Maria is putting the finishing touches on Ricci’s work cap as Ricci comes into the kitchen. The husband and wife exchange a playful goodbye and Ricci takes two packaged omelets Maria has cooked. Bruno fixes his hair, puts on his scarf and he and Ricci pocket their omelets. Just before leaving the house with his father, Bruno closes the window again. None of these moments or details help to further the plot, De Sica could have chosen simply to show Ricci and Bruno depart from their home in the early morning. 
Children were often featured in neorealist films as a device to provide the audience with a different point of view and lower their defenses. The audience becomes less likely to turn their back on the story because children have the ability to affect an audience more easily (De Los Rios). In The Bicycle Thief, Ricci’s son Bruno is onscreen throughout most of the film. Bruno’s innocence questions the adult authority around him (Criterion, Cheshire). At the end of the film when Ricci gets caught after trying to steal someone else’s bicycle out of desperation, the only thing that keeps the owner of the bicycle from pressing charges is Bruno’s presence. Bruno’s character will undoubtedly lower audience’s defenses because his love for his father, his good-natured attitude, and his innocent views of life breathes a warm-hearted nature into the film.  
Since The Bicycle Thief is set in post World War II Italy, its agenda is to make audiences aware of a bad social condition that needs a political solution, another neorealist element. Thieves are not portrayed in the film as bad people, but as victims of a corrupt society. The theft of Ricci’s bicycle reveals corruption of Italy after the war; especially in the upper classes. In his essay about The Bicycle Thief, Burnett goes on to muse why De Sica chose to have Ricci be in the midst of hanging a poster of Hollywood starlet Rita Hayworth when the theft of his bicycle takes place, suggesting that it is in an attempt to counter falseness (Criterion, Burnett). A true representation of life is present in the film which speaks to a Neorealist attitude toward filmmaking. Throughout the film, the audience is exposed to a “slice of life” of Italian culture (De Los Rios). Cheshire agrees stating that “Neorealism served as a chastening, disillusioning rejection of Fascism and fantasy” in his essay about the film (Criterion, Cheshire).
The Bicycle Thief features non-professional actors that speak in their regional dialects. It was filmed exclusively on location in Rome and featured many scenes shot on city streets. The story is about a poor man living in an impoverished area. Realism is emphasized in the film because of the open and unresolved ending. Everyday tasks are performed by the actors in the film which was fitting since they weren’t professionals. Bruno, Ricci’s son, provides a childhood innocence that lowers the audience’s defenses. This post World War II film’s director De Sica had an agenda for social change. All of these elements combined provide evidence that 1948’s The Bicycle Thief is a true example of Italian Neorealism. 
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“Italian Neorealism.” Wikipedia. Web. 22 Dec. 2010.

Friday, December 3, 2010

ANTM Cycle 15 Finale

I will make this short and sweet... CHELSEY SHOULD HAVE WON!!! That is my opinion. I was pissed off enough when they eliminated Kayla last week, because she was a better all-around model than Ann.

Yes, Ann takes good pictures, but I don't think that she is more "high fashion" than Chelsey. I knew that Ann was going to win as soon as they were describing how Chelsey has an "American" many American blond girls do you know that have a gap in their teeth and rock it? I think that Chelsey is gorgeous, versatile, has an amazing personality, is genuine, experienced, mature, and poised. I think that Ann is going to crash and burn because she is too young and too vunerable.

I could tell how badly Chelsey wanted it, and her knowledge showed how much passion she had for the business. I really hope someone signs her and that she has a great career, because she is a fantastic model.

They both did awesome in the commercial, and Ann looked the prettiest I've ever seen her in the photo shoot (she reminded me of Keira Knightly), but Chelsey was clearly the stronger walker in the  runway show, she may have been a bit stiff, but she looked intense and confident. Ann didn't fall at least, but she had the "deer in the headlights" look the entire time, and I don't think she wears clothes as well as Chelsey.

TYRA!!!! With the exception of Nicole and Carridee, you NEVER pick the best model for the job!!!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

DWTS Ep. 10 (Aired 11-22-10)

Bristol Palin:  

First Dance: At least this is a good fit for her since she is able to the happy emotion, but I appreciate her varied facial expressions and her sense of gun, but her footwork still suffered a bit. I was fun and energetic, the best I have seen from her.
My score: 8

Second Dance: No where near perfect, but she did really well. The scarf thing was very strange and she was still a bit vacant. I think that the props worked to her advantage to add interest. I thought that her freestyle should have been something sweeter and more fun.

My score: 9

Jennifer Grey:

First Dance: She is so intense and precise. As a couple they riveted me from the beginning. I was waiting to see something a bit sexier, and he seemed to dance around her a bit, but she never ceases to amaze me.

My score: 10

Second Dance: WOW! That was incredible and fun, full of kicks and tricks, I loved it, that is how you do a proper freestyle! She is a force to be reckoned with and she can dance any genre, any style, any emotion, any character.

My score: 10

Kyle Massey:

First Dance: Not really a fan of the gold jacket. He was sexy, intense, and adorable. He is just so darn charming, I just want to hug him and pinch his cheek. He has so much pizzazz I just love him.

My score: 9

Second Dance: That was so cute and fun. He fit the theme of the dance so well, and he kept up great with Lacey, but it wasn’t as wow-ie zow-ie as I have seen in the past. I was giggling all the way through it, he is the most entertaining for sure.

My score: 9

Surprises: Bristol didn’t suck!

Disappointments: I thought that Bristol could have done better if she had done something a little more upbeat and less character driven.

Watch-ability: Both of Jennifer’s dances were technically brilliant and impressive.

Who should win? Jennifer is truly amazing; I hope the dancer who deserves the trophy gets it.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1

Initial Attraction: First of all, I am a humongous Harry Potter fanatic, so I am totally bias toward the book and would gladly watch 5 hour films that squeezed in every single Potter detail on every one of  Rowling's pages.
Thoughts: The beginning was very interesting, it was strange and heartbreaking to see Hermione at home with her family, but I did enjoy it, it did set the tone of for the rest of the film (depressing).

The first thing that I missed right away was not seeing the emotional scene with Harry and Dudley where Dudley actually expresses his concern for Harry's safety and the Dursley's are shown to be taken to a safe place by goody wizard officials.

I was surprised how frightened I actually was by Snape and the rest of the Death Eaters in the first scene. Charity Burbage's death was much more graphic and frightening than it is in the book, and I was happy to hear the word-for-word dialogue used from the book. Alan Rickman has such an enormous presence even when he doesn't utter one word...awesome scene.

This part was absolutely hilarious, but I wish they spoke clearer I had a hard time catching all of the dialogue in this scene and I know that there are some funny bits that I missed (can't wait for DVD subtitles). I wasn't pleased with Andy Linden who they cast for Mundungus Fletcher. He did not have the right look, he wasn't old enough and he reminded me of a greasy Italian bueno.

It was pretty epic to see Daniel Radcliffe in a bra though!

The shots of the Death Eaters chasing Harry and Hagrid on the ground were exhilarating no doubt about it, but I don't think they were necessary, I would have rather seen more than a whoosh of a glance at the rest of the "Harry's" with their partners in the air trying to fend off the Death Eaters.

Since I missed the whole scene where Harry and Lupin go at it when the trio is staying at Grimmauld Place, I was happy to get this little tid bit of conflict from the two of them. David Thewlis is so great as Lupin, I would have loved to see more of him.

Another missing piece of the movie (literally) was George's ear. HE STILL HAD HIS EAR, his "holy" joke did not make sense at all...and no one even made a big deal about Hedwig or Mad Eye Moody's death. shocked me when Ginny had Harry zip up her dress...sexual much? That was pretty intense for a Harry Potter film...They have completely ruined the Harry/ Ginny romance in these films in my opinion. Their romantic moment and kiss was equally underwhelming and inaccurate in the 6th film as this one. The scene in the book where she pulls him into her bedroom and confesses that she knows that he has to leave without her and wants to give him a birthday present and something to remember her by and proceeds to kiss him is much more intimate and touching. They have not established that HE IS IN LOVE WITH HER! They never even made the point that he has to "break it off" with her to keep her safe, but in HP 6 they really never started a relationship anyway...

I liked Bill Nighy as Scrimgeour, but his voice is so synonymous with Davy Jones from Pirates of the Caribbean, he came off a bit comical to me. The presentation of Dumbledore's will was all well and good, but he seemed a bit too nice and easy going.

The wedding party scene was good, but it was all over too fast and I missed Victor Krum being there. I didn't mind that Harry was himself and not disguised like in the book though.

I loved every second during the Ministry scenes, they were funny, interesting, exciting, and well executed. It was my favorite "part" or sequence of scenes in the Part 1 portion. Those Dementors scared the crap out of me!

All three of the main actors Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, and Rupert Grint upped their game and gave really high quality performances. Watson's desperation in this scene shown above was particularly impressive and realistic and the blood was quite graphic for Harry Potter.

The film lagged for me in places where the trio was wandering around strange locations in the countryside. I suppose it mirrors the trio's frustration in not being able to accomplish anything at first though. Ron's leaving scene is the best acting I have seen out of Grint and he was incredibly believable and impressive. I think they could have traded in some of those bizarre location shots for some more cohesive plot content though.

I was very pleased with the scenes in Godric's Hollow especially when Harry goes to visit his parents graves, it would have been great to see the statue of them that is in the book and all the messages people had written on his ruined house, but they were cuts I understood. Bathilda Bagshot was incredibly creepy and I was finding myself curling into a fetal position in anticipation of Nagini bursting out of her, great effects there.

However, I didn't understand why Harry burst into another room which looked to be a child's room and why such a room would have existed in Bathilda's house. I felt that it was a lighting cheat so that we could see the scene and the snake better, but the entrance into this brightly colored room made the snake much less scary and easier to see, and therefore not as surprising and scary.

I also missed Voldemort arriving at Bathilda's house and Harry and Hermione's narrow escape, that part was so exciting in the book and it would have only taken a minute more of screen time to show it.

I really enjoyed the scene where Harry tries to cheer up Hermione by getting her to dance with him, it was very cute and I really saw a lot of Daniel Radcliffe's fun personality creeping through into his character. I do think that it seemed rather intimate for a Harry/ Hermione moment and probably gave H/Hr shippers some false hope (which they will no doubt develop further into naughty Fanfiction OneShots) but it was an enjoyable addition to lighten the mood in this overall depressing film.

Another change or rather embellishment that I really loved was how EPIC the opening of the R.A.B. Horcrux locket was. All the faces and images that were in that massive, morphing cloud were gorgeous and the demon-esque Harry/ Hermione figures were very impressive (and may I say quite sexy when they were nude and kissing). Radcliffe and Watson apparently had their skin painted silver to achieve the look.

I wasn't pleased with Xenophilius Lovegood played by Rhys Ifans, he had the eccentric and awkwardness down, but he was missing his pleasant dreamy quality that is so like his daughter Luna (played to perfection even in her blip of screen time by Evanna Lynch).

The stinging jinx put on Harry gave props to the makeup department and I loved all the interaction at Malfoy Manor (again Watson was a standout). Ron wasn't nearly upset enough though when he and Harry were trapped in the cellar with Luna, Ollivander, and Griphook. Again, I cannot believe that the filmmakers just left Wormtail on the steps as if he had been knocked out, his death in the book is pivotal and incredibly moving.

Dobby's death was incredibly heartbreaking and the only scene which moved me to actual tears. The way they animated his ears made him incredibly pathetic and endearing like a sad puppy. I didn't like the way that Harry verbalized what he was feeling "I want to bury him and I don't want to use any magic" but I suppose that there is no way around it since there is no interior monologue going on.

The ending of the film was rather unsatisfying for me, I know that there is still so much ahead that will be epic, but I just felt underwhelmed, perhaps because the death of Dobby is so depressing and the film just leaves you hanging. It was very strange, it didn't feel like a Potter film.

Disappointments: Even split into two parts, I still don't feel like I saw a film that did justice to the book (even though I was promised that I would). I think that non-readers will be confused by this film, especially if they only view it once. I felt that it was a rather slow film that was punctuated by a lot of bursts of action.

Surprises: At the very start of Hermione's telling of "The Tale of the Three Brothers" I was lamenting the fact that it was animated, but the entire tale kept me riveted. Perhaps credit needs to be given to Rowling's incredible talent as a storyteller, but I remember whispering "Perfection" at the conclusion of the telling of the tale. The animation was bizarre, but incredibly beautiful and it fit in with the look of Potter.

Watch-ability: Don't get me wrong, I always enjoy a Potter film even if they don't squeeze in every detail. I think that we saw the best performance from every actor and actress on camera (especially the 3 principles). The film was beautifully shot and wonderfully executed, and the quality of the special effects is top notch. It is the darkest and most adult of the series so far, and definitely appropriate for a more mature audience as it should be.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Harry Potter Fashion Roundup!

All of them looked great at the London Premiere, I love this picture of the four of them. It is so surreal to see Rowling stand next to the 3 people who have personified her main characters for the past 11 years.

Jo Rowling looks exceptionally lovely and elegant (I think it's cute how her and Watson have a little matchy-matchy going on here with the black lace). Rowling looks very age appropriate and I was glad there was no boobage at this premiere. Not that she doesn't look great for a 45 year old woman, but I think the elegance is more appropriate for a premiere and for an author of her stature.

Emma Watson is adorable in anything, even with her shocking new do, and I really like this dress, it is very fun, but I would have liked to see her in something more glamorous. This looks like something you would wear to the VMA's to me. What I love about her style is that she knows how to be sexy and have fun with fashion without looking like a total slut. The dress is age appropriate and kinda risky without being over the top.

Dan Radcliffe was smart to wear blue. He always looks so miniaturized in a suit, like a tiny Ken doll or something, I think that blue really suits him with those piercing eyes he has, and keeps the traditional wear from being too stuffy and boring. He looks dapper!

Rupert Grint (or as Regis Philbin likes to call him "The Grint") is surprising well dressed! Usually he shows up in a tee-shirt, jeans, and Converse shoes which reflect his laid back personality. I couldn't believe when he showed up to the L.A. Order of the Phoenix premiere in a white Tee with an image of Radcliffe's Harry on it. That was a definite LOL moment. Although I will miss his Keep Calm and Carry On Tee if he doesn't unearth it for the final Potter press rounds. 
I don't know if they all coordinated "let's all wear black" for the New York premiere, and I know that they are probably mourning the end of the series, but this is a premiere not a funeral.

Watson's dress was BORING! If Calvin Klein was going to CUSTOM DESIGN a dress for me, I would certainly pick something more exciting than an LBD. I would also probably be trying to overcompensate for my lack of hair, but maybe she is trying to streamline her look down to something very simple? 

Again Radcliffe looks great in blue, Rupert dusted off another suit to look dashing, and Ralph Fiennes is probably just waiting for his hair to grow back (I didn't know that he shaved it for his Voldie Villian role).
It is great to see Tom Felton less pale, the color and liveliness really suits him and I am sure he is so glad to not be dying his hair platinum blond any more.

Bonnie Wright looked absolutely AMAZING at both premieres last time around. She is a beautiful girl, but absolutely everything about this outfit is wrong. She is so covered up, her lipstick is too dark, and her hair looks dreadful. Plus, who wears stockings anymore? And what is hanging down the front of her dress, a tie? Again, she looks like she is going to a funeral, not a premiere.

This is a perfect example of Lace Gone Wrong. She looks like she fashioned this dress from some Victorian curtains (and with no magical help what-so-ever) Come on Clemence, you are playing the hott Veela chick, sex it up a little. You are British, not Amish! Since when are hardback books a fashionable accessory?

Okay, Poesy's and Wright's outfits were bad, but this is barfable! Katie Leung! Cho Chang! You are the cute little Asian girl Harry has his first kiss with, look cuter! Didn't Potter give you girls enough money to buy yourselves cute dresses? Pea-Green and brown with purple iridescent lip stick...can you get any uglier? 

Felton is the only actor who consistently brings his main squeeze along to events. And she always dresses nice too! I cannot get over how much older she looks than him, but I can see why he wants to show her off.

They looked much more laid back at the New York premiere and I love the button down shirt with the jacket on Felton (it is much less stuffy than a tie). I think that the slits are a bit too many in the girls' red dress, but at least she splashed some color into the event.

Strangely enough, I like the brown suit he wore to the London premiere and the way he offset it with the light blue tie, it's cute and fun! His girlfriend looks much more glamorous than the female Potter stars (hope they took note).

Of course as I said before Watson looks great no matter what. I hated her pixie cut at first, but now I find myself loving it. It is very symbolic for her to shed her Hermione hair and transition into her adult life. I am not a fan of the trinket in her hair however, a headband would have been okay, but face it...YOUR HAIR IS PRACTICALLY NON EXISTENT EMMA, you don't need any adornments to hold your style in place.
Now here is a girl who got it right! You may not recognize Evanna Lynch aka Luna Lovegood without her pale blond hair, but here she is looking sophisticated, glamorous, and age appropriate. The dress and shoes are very shimmery and even though the pale pink hue is close to her skin tone she still pops with that newly red hair and pretty makeup. LOVE IT!

Jamie Campbell Bower...what is there to say...I doubt that he would have looked much different even without the injury. He is the only new character in the bunch of Potter fashionistas discussed here but he really shouldn't have a very large role. He probably attended mainly due to his romantic affiliation to Bonnie Wright. He looks very sloppy. I am not sure if he painted his toes for the occasion or if that is dried blood leftover from his foot injury, but either way I say EW!
And the WORST HAIR AWARD GOES TO: Helena Bonham Carter as always, although this look is actually pretty tame for her. I like the dress, I think it is pretty and weird and bold in a good way (just like her!) Thank you for some color on the Potter carpet Bellatrix! You don't look like a scary Death Eater (just a hot mess)!

Monday, November 15, 2010

DWTS Ep. 9 (Aired 11-15-10)

First Dance: I get that the Pasodoble is the love/hate dance but this was a bit strange and awkward. What was with Maks’s shoes? Were they tennis shoes? It seemed very modern and nontraditional, and I didn’t think her solo was very up to snuff.
My score: 9

Second Dance: Ooh, sexy outfit, Brandy! I think they spent a bit too long up on the platform, but I thought that this dance was much more passionate and sexy than the first one. It was very suave and sensual which the two of them do so well.
My score: 10

Bristol Palin
First Dance: Swishing her cape can be considered a solo. There is still stiffness in her body and I just get the overwhelming feeling that she is holding hack. It was her best dance so far, and her big hair helped give her some personality and sex appeal. She hit all her marks well, but I just wish that she could get rid of that vacant stare.  
My score: 9

Second Dance: She still looks bored. Her eyes are unchanging, she just looks very pretentious. The music was very bizarre, I didn’t know if it was religious or from a fantasy movie soundtrack. It felt rather strange, but it was pretty and haunting.  
My score: 9

Jennifer Grey
First Dance: Her solo was apropos they just put a smile on my face. She is so joyous when she dances. Great song, I totally get why she wanted to dance to it. It is so hard to believe that she is twice his age when you watch the two of them perform. I loved it, it was adorable.
My score: 10

Second Dance: I loved her dress! Beautiful, angelic, graceful, heartfelt, simplistic, free…She stuns me!
My score: 10

Kyle Massey:

First Dance: He has come even further than Bristol. He is absolutely adorable. He kept up so well with Lacey and he brought fun, charm and excitement. Loved it, like always. His technique was spot on and
My score: 10

Second Dance: OMG, I could not believe that they were dancing to the song from Slumdog Millionaire. He has really become an accomplished dancer and he always impresses me! Fun and exciting like always!
My score: 9

Surprises: Bristol really shocked me; I guess it makes me wonder if even the worst dancers are given a chance can they really improve tremendously?

Disappointments: NONE!

Watch-ability: Best night of dancing so far, and nothing was cringe-worthy or uncomfortable.

Who is getting my votes? Kyle: 5 I wanna see him next week more than Bristol!

Who should get the boot? Bristol is still the weakest link, and has the worst scores.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

ANTM Ep. 9 & 10

It is clear from this photo that Liz was right to go last week. She posed great as a man but she just looks like a whore in this photo, and she was getting on my nerves : ) Kayla and Jane both looked so amazing in these period costumes, I really enjoyed watching this shoot and wished the girls had been a bit stronger as a whole.

I think that Chelsey is probably the strongest girl in the bunch. She is mature, sophisticated, smart, experienced, and strong. Plus, she has the right look to go commercial or high fashion. She knows more about fashion than any of the other girls and is the most appreciative of all the amazing opportunities. I love her look, and she has been in my top two favorites during this competition. I think she deserves to win, and if she doesn't win the competition I hope that 1) she at least gets best photo before she's eliminated and 2) doing the show will get her noticed and help get her foot into high fashion.

That being said, I love Kayla's look and she is the other one of my favorites. She is the girl I want to win. It is so admirable how far she has come and it is great that she has been able to overcome her difficulties in modeling with men. She is such a passionate person and so down to Earth, you can't help but to root for this girl who went from a pauper who used to sleep on the floor in a sleeping bag to a high fashion princess who's wildest dreams within her grasp.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

DWTS Ep. 8 (Aired 11-8-10)


First Dance: It was beautiful, romantic, and elegant. This competition means so much to her, I am surprised that she didn’t make Carrie Ann cry. They are such a well suited couple and it is great to see their chemistry become so strong. It was technically perfect and amazing to watch.
My score: 10

Second Dance: I thought it was fun, cute, and upbeat. I agree with Carrie Ann that it was weird that they didn’t start dancing right away, but I also agree with Maks that “instant dance” doesn’t necessarily mean dance instantly…That was all rather awkward in scoring…
My score: 9

Bristol Palin:

First Dance: She is still just stiff and awkward. She has improved a bit, but I don’t see any conviction or passion for the routine. She just has one look she doesn’t have differing expressions. It was her best dance, but she is still the weakest dancer.
My score: 8

Second Dance: She looked rather lost at times and really struggled here. All I got from this dance was that she has learned how to shake her ta ta’s but she is over the competition, you can tell. She can’t compete with the others talent and she is still a bore.
My score: 7

Jennifer Grey:

First Dance: It is so heartbreaking that her body cannot keep up with her talent. I was sad to see Derek was dancing for her a bit because of her problematic knee. She looked adorable and it was a very fun and well executed routine. She really impresses me and as much as she seems to be falling apart in rehearsal she always seems to pull it together on show night!
My score: 8

Second Dance: She is so technically precise and her flexibility and stamina is amazing. I have a hard time believing she is 50. Their dance seemed to be a bit slower than the music at times, but she is such an amazing sexy swan.
My score: 10

Kurt Warner:

First Dance: I still noticed how huge his dinner plate hands looked but he is so suave and graceful on the floor for such a big guy. I am always impressed with his performance and charisma; he is so joyous on the dance floor. 
My score: 8

Second Dance: He kept up with Anna really well in this routine. He was energetic and fun and the surprise song didn’t seem to affect his performance. He didn’t seem lost or off at any moment I was very impressed!
My score: 9

Kyle Massey:

First Dance: His feet were still a bit funky but he has improved so much technically and he looked like a serious accomplished dancer in this routine. Very suave, joyous, and mature, I didn’t giggle, I took him seriously. LOVED IT!
My score: 9

Second Dance: He went a little off just a few times but he did amazing considering the short rehearsal time. It was fun, cute, energetic, and such a joy to watch! Very impressive and adorable tricks and gimmicks! LOVED IT AGAIN!
My score: 9

Surprises: The way that Maks and Carrie Ann went at it! I was embarrassed for Brandy. Maks is sure hotheaded.

Disappointments: I feel so sad that Jennifer is having to endure so much pain to get through the competition and it is unfortunate that her body cannot keep up with her spirit.

Watch-ability: This was a fabulous night, probably the best quality of dancing so far!

Who is getting my votes? Brandy: 2, Kyle: 1, Jennifer: 2

Who should get the boot? BRISTOL THE BORE! What is the entire state of Alaska voting for her? 

All pics are from Facebook fanpage : )