Monday, October 25, 2010

DWTS Ep. 6 (Aired 10-25-10)

Audrina Patridge: She looked a bit zombiesque. I don’t know if she looked that intense she just looked rather angry. Her emotions don’t travel all the way to her eyes. I think she is good, but she is just lacking that oomph.  
My score: 7

Bristol Palin: I think she was channeling Violet Beauregarde in that outfit. She was just portraying a stern stare. It was an improvement, but still boring, at least she didn’t get totally lost and appeared to be attempting to look like a dancer. I appreciated her enthusiasm this week for the competition though.
My score: 7
Brandy: I think hers was my favorite crazy outfit of the night! They are the couple with the best chemistry. This dance had energy, intensity, and oomph. It reminde3d me of when Maks and Mel were so strong together! It is clear she put everything she had into that! It was awesome that she ended the show with a punch!
My score: 9

Jennifer Grey: She looked angry! This was such a great dance for her to let loose and show what she is capable of. She was sure feisty for such a little thing! Like a firework! She did loose control a bit which I noticed at the end, but I thought she did well through most of the routine.
My score: 8

Kurt Warner: What was up with the Star Wars outfit? I liked the outfits but they didn’t fit the song. This was the most intense and energetic I had seen him dance. He looked like he had lost some weight and was really into this dance. It was his best dance so far! The judges were messed up! It was certainly entertaining to watch!
My score: 9

Kyle Massey: His and Lacey’s outfits did not match which bothered me. He was very energetic but he looked like he struggled a bit. He seemed to be improving his footwork this week which I was glad to see the judges acknowledge.
My score: 8

Rick Fox: His silver Mohawk made me giggle. The dance felt like it was lacking energy and felt slow in comparison to the music. He kept the intensity up and performed well, but it didn’t wow me.
My score: 7

Surprises: I LOVED Kurt’s performance, I think the judges were way out of line in how badly they scored him, he deserved WAY better! Disappointments: Seeing Jennifer struggle so much is disappointing, but I think the judges are being too hard on her.

Watch-ability: I didn’t know that they were going to show the whole dance of the top 10 dances of all time and I really enjoyed seeing them! Strangely enough, I think I liked watching Shawn Johnson’s #10 spot dance the best!  

Who is getting my votes? Brandy: 2, Jennifer: 2, Kurt: 2, Kyle: 1

Who should get the boot? BRISTOL THE BORE!!!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

ANTM Ep.7 Aired 10-20-10

I can't say that I was that fond of the photoshoot this week, because it wasn't very exciting and I didn't think that it was fair that some girls had to portray men and others got to portray women. It's obvious that it is a lot easier to play your own sex even if they are an extreme character. Both Esther and Jane both struggled on just how to stand correctly.

I was glad to see Liz rock it though especially considering that she didn't know who the designer was. However I do think she got lucky in a way but I couldn't help but be happy that she knocked Ann off the top! GO LIZ!
I was glad to see Chelsey redeem herself this week because she really is one of my favorite girls and I think her look is so interesting. She did well in this photoshoot which was needed after that dress catastrophe that Ann put her in for the Grammy Challenge.

Kendall has been so incredibly boring from the beginning, that I wasn't sad to see her go at all. She clearly has no clue what she is doing and her whole portfolio that was shown at the end when they went through each of her photos was BLAH!

I really did not care for this photo of Ann at all, I don't think she looked at all like the designer mostly because they didn't give her the right kind of hair, they needed to give her a wig similar to Esther's for her to truly embody the designer fellow. She clearly did not deserve best photo this week. ICK
Did anyone else think that the photographer was a hottie? More of him please Tyra!

Monday, October 18, 2010

DWTS Ep. 5 (Aired 10-18-10)

Audrina Patridge: I think they should have given her a better song because “The Hills” is not classic TV that the voters are going to be familiar with, and what does “Unwritten” have to do with the show? They seemed to be behind the beat a bit the tempo was much faster than most of the choreography. I thought she seemed timid and unsure of herself, they made a few pretty pictures and sexy connection but it was rather unexciting.   My score: 7

Brandy: I was glad to see her and Maks actually get along this week. Were their costumes supposed to represent the show Friends? I didn’t get that. It was cute and energetic, but I didn’t get the story and it was a bit disconnected. It is great to see her confidence improve because she is such a great performer and seems to be a really sweet girl.  
My score: 8

Bristol Palin: It was so good that Mark got her some acting coaching. I didn’t think Len would appreciate the monkey costumes. I think she got lost in the costume because she couldn’t see. She was so off tempo with Mark and couldn’t keep up with him. That was bad! She was trying so hard but the only thing she did well was shake her ta ta’s. She’s not serious about the competition and I don’t think she cares about improving or learning to dance.  
My score: 5

Florence Henderson: How cute that she was excited to dance the Brady Bunch theme than instead of being disgusted by it. I can’t help but have an enormous smile on my face while I watch her dance. I think Corky seems to drag her around the dancefloor a bit though. Some of her footwork was lagging a bit, but she is so impressive for her age. I think that she and Len have something going on.   
My score: 7  

Jennifer Grey: She’s very emotional and sensitive. They looked way cuter than the characters from Married with Children. The dance was very cute and sweet but it didn’t wow like previous dances of hers. But they dance so effortlessly and are a joy to watch. I think she knew from her expression that this wasn’t her best performance, but she is too hard on herself.  
My score: 8

Kurt Warner: It was cute to see how he educated Anna about Bewitched. She magically turned him into a dancer. It was so cute and suave, a few stumbles, but I really liked it! I think it was his strongest dance so far, he is so charismatic and fun!
My score: 8

Kyle Massey: He is so hilarious and fun. The dance was energetic but it was hard for me to take him seriously with that mustache on his face. He is so committed to his moves and charming! It was so enjoyable and fun! LOVED IT! Maybe it wasn’t enough Foxtrot but I didn’t care, because they did the best at telling a story.
My score: 8

Rick Fox: I didn’t understand a word that Kobe said to him. Man he makes a hott cop! He is rather feminine in the way that he moves his arms, but it was very romantic and sensual. It was one of my favorite dances of his, he is very elegant and
My score: 8

Surprises: The judges’ reaction to Kyle’s dance bummed me out because I was loving it the whole time, but I am not as focused on whether or not it is abiding by the rules of the specific dance they are doing. I thought it was an amazing performance, not worthy of a 5 LEN!

Disappointments: I was sad to see Audrina so unexciting. She has the package and her technique is good. She doesn’t have to be raunchy; I just want to see her step up her game!

Watch-ability: Kurt Warner was my favorite of this week because it was absolutely adorable and improved the most!

Who should get the boot? Bristol needs to go, she is awful and she doesn’t care.

Who is getting my votes: Kyle: 3 Jennifer: 3 Kurt: 1 Florence:1

Saturday, October 16, 2010

ANTM Ep.6 Aired 10-13-10

I was so in love with this photo, I think it's the colors and how the yellow and red just pop. I really like Chelsey and was sad to see her so nervous since she was a huge fan of the photographer. I've been there Chelsey, you are so passionate, but you just let your nerves get to you and you become so frustrated with yourself it is infuriating.
Jane looks so stunning in this photo, and I was surprised to see how much she has improved this week, but I still don't think she has much potential and will probably get eliminated soon, but I think Liz should go next. I wasn't sad to see Kacey go since she did so poorly this week and I started to get really annoyed with her. She doesn't even look present in this photo, she is actually pulling away from the male
Chris's girlishness and innocence stunned me but the judges were right it looks very Teen Vogue! It was refreshing to see her so feminine and beautiful this week though!

I didn't understand why the judges OMG'd over this photo. I think Kendall is BORING!!! Plus this pant suit that they put her in is rather unflattering in the bum area, it just looks baggy. Plus in this shot, her jacket blends in with the wall...LAME!

This photo made me realize how stunningly beautiful Esther truly is, she looks great with the dark hair contrasting with her pale complexion. Very Vampire-esc... I just wish I knew more of what her personality was like, I dunno if she's just quite, or they never feature her on the show???
Alright, Ann, you look totally fabulous ANYONE ELSE going to get best photo in this competition EVER?

Monday, October 11, 2010

DWTS Episode 4 (Aired 10-11-10)

Audrina Patridge: Yeah, she definitely needs to work on her acting technique. I thought it was a bit strange and lacking flow, it felt rather broken up and slow. It didn’t feel like it went with the music most of the time and I think she had a few stumbles. But the trick/lifts were good and she had good connection with Tony.
My performance score: 7
My technical score: 8

Brandy: Is Maks really that romantically inept? I was worried she was going to trip on that sheet she was wearing. Very sexy despite the struggling in rehearsal, I thought she did very well technically and it was really steamy.
My performance score: 8
My technical score: 8

Bristol Palin: She is just too timid and worried about what people will think of her to be sexy. She is doing better than she has ever done and she looks sexier than ever, but it was still too safe and Mark just danced around her. But she is learning how to move her body more, but like Mike, she struggles with basic walking.
My performance score: 8
My technical score: 6

Florence Henderson: She is taking it so seriously but I just laughed through the whole thing. It was a bit staccato and needed better flow, but she is so amazing. Mrs. Brady being the sexiest she has ever been at age 76. 
My performance score: 8
My technical score: 6

Jennifer Grey: The opening bit with the piano was adorable! They are so sharp; she looks like a pro, amazing. She is poised from head to toe and the energy goes though her whole body. Sexy, intense, energetic, precise…awesome
My performance score: 9
My technical score: 9

Kurt Warner: What a gentleman, he has to check with his wife first before he can be sexy with Anna! I found myself laughing at his hip swaying even though he was doing well. He hit his marks well and he was so charming, but it was full of stutters. It didn’t flow.
The judges scored him way too low he is doing really well!
My performance score: 8
My technical score: 6

Kyle Massey: I think he worked hard this week to make a big improvement. He had so much energy in his body, which helped him control his movements to feel more precise. He has such great maturity and charisma for such a young kid.
My performance score: 9
My technical score: 8

Mike Sorrentino: I almost wanted him to drop her so that they wouldn’t be able to dance anymore. Their 360 turn wasn’t that impressive. Their second lift was better but he struggled when he set her down. His foot work was atrocious and he looked like he was off tempo. The fact that he is able to lift her does not prove his talent! 4 lift/ tricks? His dimly lit abs were the best part.
My performance score: 7
My technical score: 5

Rick Fox: What is up with the mustache is that thing real? He looked like Clark Gable! The dance looked very clean and smooth. It was a bit spice less and boring though, but it was clean. I did like the intensity, and costuming, but it was too safe.
My performance score: 7
My technical score: 9

Surprises: Why did they not come down the stairs? What is up with the round raised stage? Do you think they pay the pro’s extra to say things like “This could all be a disaster”?

Disappointments: Bruno is a pervert! He is just looking for raunchy-ness! EW! This double scoring was retarded! I don’t think it worked out to anyone’s advantage!

Watch-ability: I don’t think they need to change the size of the stage to spice up the show. Jennifer Grey was a standout in this night of mediocre dancing

Who is getting my votes? Jennifer: 4, Brandy: 1, Florence: 1, Kurt: 1, Lacey: 1, Rick: 1

Who should get the boot? The Situation is clearly technically (and intellectually) inferior to everyone else!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

America's Next Top Model Ep. 5 (Aired 10-6-10)

This has to be the most outrageous challenge in top model history! None of them did it without stumbling and no model ever has to walk on a conveyor-belt. I get that they were trying to get the girls to maintain their composure but they could have come up with something else to distract them while on the runway. What is this Fear Factor meets ANTM?

This is the first photo of Chris that I really liked, she looks intimidating and the height establishes her dominance. She should have gotten best photo, I can't believe she was the only one who thought to jump.

I absolutely love this photo of Chelsey, she looks so devilish and sinister but I feel like I've seen her do this face before by bowing her chin down, I think she has the ability to step up her game.

Kayla rocked it again with her insane fiery hair!

I don't really feel that all the crap the girls are giving to Kacey is really just. I don't think she has done anything mean or obnoxious, and I thought it was noble of her to try to get to know all the girls a bit better even though they all said that they didn't like her.
Her face is weird in this photo, but I think that's due to photo-shopping effects. I love the energy in her body and how her arms are going in opposite directions. I see a lot of energy here and also superiority.

  Yes, Ann has an awesome photo...again, but she is just standing there and doing NOTHING??? I thought her expression was rather scared and unsure in this photo, but whatever, Tyra knows best!

Disappointments: I was sad to see Lexie go, even though she was one of the more annoying girls causing controversy, I really liked her look and thought it was unique. I think she has more potential than Jane. Jane doesn't have a good walk, has yet to have a decent photo, and doesn't have much personality. Considering that Lexie did quite well at the crazy runway challenge, I think she should have stayed.

Surprise: Isn't this a photo of Terra on the crazy conveyor-belt runway? Didn't she get eliminated a few weeks back? Wasn't that the dress Kayla was wearing?

All photo's from

Monday, October 4, 2010

Dancing with the Stars Ep. 3 (Aired 10-4-10)

Audrina Patridge: She said she had to dig deep, but I would never think of her as someone who had much depth. I really liked the story that she and Tony constructed. She looked amazing as always. I don’t know if she has had any work done, like her friend Heidi, but I think she has a perfect body. She seemed to stall a bit which broke up the fluidity of the dance. Her expression was a bit blank but she had good eye contact with Tony. She moves well but I was so shocked by the judge’s scores, because I thought it was just okay.   
My score: 7

Brandy: Maks is treating her like his pony with all that smacking. I didn’t get that he was supposed to be her bodyguard, there seemed to be no story in the routine. She did a good job keeping up with Maks, and there was a fun energy to the routine. She uses her long limbs to her advantage, and really accentuates her movements. She did seem to run out of a bit of steam towards the end, but she did good overall, and her routine had pizazz.  
My score: 8

Bristol Palin: I feared we were going to have a Gosselin repeat because she seemed so scared. She needs acting lessons MARK! She hit her marks at the beginning which means she has some sense of musicality, but then she looked like she was walking through her routine. Her expression was very poised but never varied. It felt short, and uneventful. There is no oomph in her, Bristol the Pistol? I think she’s Bristol the Bore! And when did Mark get plugs in his ears? GROSS!
My score: 6

Florence Henderson: The Hills are alive with the sound of music! I could tell as soon as I saw her outfit what that she was supposed to be Maria from the Sound of Music, she even looks a bit like Julie Andrews. Edelweiss is my favorite song from the musical. It was so sweet to see her and Corky be romantic, I almost cried when she talked about her husband. It really helped her to draw from personal experience. She looked like a princess, the way she moved. The routine didn’t wow but she was so pretty and graceful! It was very simple and slow, but it was beautiful.
My score: 7  

Jennifer Grey: I anticipated her ripping off some of those clothes. I anticipated her struggling this week from the rehearsal footage. I was not into those crazy pants she was wearing. The routine looked a little sporadic, she stumbled through this one a bit. They threw in some fancy moves but she and it was cute, but I wasn’t blown away by their story. I love that they redid the segment of their routine to show the judges. Derek is so enthusiastic and so genuinely sweet.
My score: 8

Kurt Warner: They did not get an easy song to work with. Anna’s outfit was very Russian but then they had the British telephone booth, so that confused me. I loved how he compared himself to a tree, he is so funny and that he was willing to wear a tiara on TV. I always love Anna’s dresses, they are weird but beautiful! I don’t know if they really connected the story of the song throughout their dance, they just looked happy. His movement was very fluid but he looked a bit stiff up through his neck to me. I loved when Anna bit her flower when she heard Bruno’s comments and then threw petals at him!
My score: 7

Kyle Massey: He makes me laugh, but I didn’t know how they could incorporate his humor into a waltz and I’m glad they didn’t try. Lacey reminded me of Jasmine; I liked the purple on both of them. He impressed me with his gracefulness and how light on his feet he was for someone of his stature. It was very cute, sweet, and age appropriate! I really liked it! It was a great incorporation of the story throughout the routine. I am glad he is able to be serious and suave.
My score: 9

Margaret Cho: Her outfit looked like a rainbow barfed on her; at least Louis took off that atrocious headdress! I could not stop thinking it was going to be a gay pride routine! She mentioned pride in her rehearsal footage. I want to give her an A for effort, but I can’t.  She makes the most awkward faces, and she does not know how to move her hips! She looked very heavy and she stumbled. She was not light on her feet at all.
My score: 6

Mike Sorrentino: He is not even smart enough to understand the concept of the story of his dance. He is such a hopeless silly goober! Asking Karina if she is going to be a nurse? GIVE ME A BREAK! Use your brain for once instead of what’s in your pants to make decisions! It might do you some good to mix it up! At least he was supposed to be a bit robotic because he was very stiff and had very little movement in his body. Karina danced around him...again. He was channeling Gosselin’s walk/pose method. I did not understand the story at all. The best part of the routine was when they went inside the time machine/ spaceship…whatever it was…
My score: 5

Rick Fox: I thought it was cute how Cheryl told him his face did not make him sexy. I thought they had a good story. He had a bit of trouble with his hips, but he can shake his booty, but it was fun, vibrant, and sexy! It was a nice incorporation of story throughout of him being seduced and breaking free! I’m not surprised that him ripping off his shirt was last minute, he does have a tiny tummy he should get rid of before he decides to show that off again.  
My score: 8  

Surprises: At the beginning when the pro girl in red had her long skirt fell off too soon, it totally threw me off. 

Disappointments: I wasn’t really blown away by anyone, I tended to think that the judges where over scoring. There wasn’t much pizazz to any of the stories.  

Watch-ability: The humor and antics that take place in the rehearsal footage is almost more entertaining than the dances themselves.

Who is getting my votes: Florence: 1, Brandy: 2, Jennifer: 3, Rick:1, and Kyle: 3

Who should get the boot? THE SITUATION!!! Or Margaret…I’m all for gay pride, but the whole routine was just plain queer, as in odd, not homosexual…

All photo's from Facebook DWTS fan page

Sunday, October 3, 2010

America's Next Top Model Ep. 4 (Aired 9-29-10)

Again, call me bias because I have a thing for red hair, but for me this was the best shot of the week. Kayla just looked the best for the undersea theme with that fiery hair! Princess Ariel!

I was glad to see Lexie redeem herself this week, even if she was a bit whiny, but I am surprised she was the only one who was nauseous. When you see movement in your peripheral vision, it is bound to make you feel (sea) sick!

I don't understand why Esther and Kendal are not featured more, I feel like they are never commented on by Jay or Miss Jay, and they are never featured in the show interviews! I don't know anything about them, it's like they are just floating in the background. They both seem pretty mediocre models to me but they should at least act like they have a personality.

Surprise: Yes, Ann's photo was gorgeous...again, but I would really like to hear someone else's name get called first. She reminds me of Heather from cycle 9 where she's rather awkward in person but then when she gets in front of the camera she barely moves a muscle and everyone thinks she looks awesome! ???

Disappointment: I was sad to see Rhianna go even though I think the judges were right that she wasn't giving them any variety, she showed so much potential at first. She seemed like a really sweet girl too.

Watch-ability: As a whole I really liked this photo shoot, and I thought most of the shots came out quite pretty! Plus, it looks like it's time for some drama as the girls *cough*Lexie* gang up on Kacey...