Monday, February 28, 2011

2011 Award Season Fashion

Mila Kunis' Oscar dress is by far my absolute favorite of the season. The color is gorgeous, she looks ethereal and elegant. LOVE the lace and the way it flows on her.

Emma Watson is showing us how to do nude right in her Bafta dress, it is far enough away from her skin tone, so that she doesn't blend in. Again, Lacey and Ethereal...a great way for her to still look feminine with the pixie cut.
The photo of Mandy Moore doesn't do the dress justice, she looked like she took a bath in glitter on the Oscar carpet, she was radiant. I loved Amy Adams accenting that deep blue dress with her jade jewelry, it set off her hair and eye color so well.
Natalie Portman made such a fitting, elegant choice for the Oscars, I love the flowing fabric, everything from her hair, to her earrings went well with the draping effect. She was so relaxed that night, but definitely glowing. 
This was a bit of a daring choice for Scarlett Johansson at the Oscars, and I know not everyone was a fan, but I am very partial to purple! I love the three shades, deep purple, mauve, and (almost) lilac lace. Her hair is so/so, but this ensemble is elegant and fun!
Again, Natalie is stunning here at the Golden Globes, best dressed of the night in my opinion, very girly and fun, but still classy.

Reese Witherspoon looked so retro at the Oscar's to me! Such a classic and timeless look, she is as cute as a button and I loved her jade earrings, they just added that little pop of color to the ensemble!
Out of Anne Hathaway's 75 Oscar dresses my favorites are (from L to R) TOP ROW: first 2, and BOTTOM ROW: First and third. She could have carried the entire ceremony herself in my opinion...Franco seemed a little high off something...

Michelle Williams seemed to blend into the background in this dress a bit, but I am in LOVE with her new haircut. Her look is very understated, but it all works well together. Again, it seems a bit retro.
Now this is a red carpet look! Mila Kunis looked so glamorous at the SAG Awards. This is a simple print which is very elegant and flows with the fabric.
HORRAY Helena! (Bonham Carter)! This is the most elegant I have ever seen her! Her choice for the Bafta's (during which she took home an award for her performance in The King's Speech) is worthy of applause.
Nicole Kidman looked RED HOTT at the Spirit Awards the night before the Oscars, looks a bit reminiscent of one of Lady Gaga's 2009 VMA dress though, no?
Susan Sarandon is beautiful in purple at the SAG awards.
Amy Adams is as fresh faced and glamorous as ever in this coral dress she wore to the Bafta's!

Harry Potter's Bonnie Wright gets full marks in my book for her Bafta ensemble, again, a simple print that goes well with the fabric! <3

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