Friday, December 3, 2010

ANTM Cycle 15 Finale

I will make this short and sweet... CHELSEY SHOULD HAVE WON!!! That is my opinion. I was pissed off enough when they eliminated Kayla last week, because she was a better all-around model than Ann.

Yes, Ann takes good pictures, but I don't think that she is more "high fashion" than Chelsey. I knew that Ann was going to win as soon as they were describing how Chelsey has an "American" many American blond girls do you know that have a gap in their teeth and rock it? I think that Chelsey is gorgeous, versatile, has an amazing personality, is genuine, experienced, mature, and poised. I think that Ann is going to crash and burn because she is too young and too vunerable.

I could tell how badly Chelsey wanted it, and her knowledge showed how much passion she had for the business. I really hope someone signs her and that she has a great career, because she is a fantastic model.

They both did awesome in the commercial, and Ann looked the prettiest I've ever seen her in the photo shoot (she reminded me of Keira Knightly), but Chelsey was clearly the stronger walker in the  runway show, she may have been a bit stiff, but she looked intense and confident. Ann didn't fall at least, but she had the "deer in the headlights" look the entire time, and I don't think she wears clothes as well as Chelsey.

TYRA!!!! With the exception of Nicole and Carridee, you NEVER pick the best model for the job!!!

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