Tuesday, November 23, 2010

DWTS Ep. 10 (Aired 11-22-10)

Bristol Palin:  

First Dance: At least this is a good fit for her since she is able to the happy emotion, but I appreciate her varied facial expressions and her sense of gun, but her footwork still suffered a bit. I was fun and energetic, the best I have seen from her.
My score: 8

Second Dance: No where near perfect, but she did really well. The scarf thing was very strange and she was still a bit vacant. I think that the props worked to her advantage to add interest. I thought that her freestyle should have been something sweeter and more fun.

My score: 9

Jennifer Grey:

First Dance: She is so intense and precise. As a couple they riveted me from the beginning. I was waiting to see something a bit sexier, and he seemed to dance around her a bit, but she never ceases to amaze me.

My score: 10

Second Dance: WOW! That was incredible and fun, full of kicks and tricks, I loved it, that is how you do a proper freestyle! She is a force to be reckoned with and she can dance any genre, any style, any emotion, any character.

My score: 10

Kyle Massey:

First Dance: Not really a fan of the gold jacket. He was sexy, intense, and adorable. He is just so darn charming, I just want to hug him and pinch his cheek. He has so much pizzazz I just love him.

My score: 9

Second Dance: That was so cute and fun. He fit the theme of the dance so well, and he kept up great with Lacey, but it wasn’t as wow-ie zow-ie as I have seen in the past. I was giggling all the way through it, he is the most entertaining for sure.

My score: 9

Surprises: Bristol didn’t suck!

Disappointments: I thought that Bristol could have done better if she had done something a little more upbeat and less character driven.

Watch-ability: Both of Jennifer’s dances were technically brilliant and impressive.

Who should win? Jennifer is truly amazing; I hope the dancer who deserves the trophy gets it.

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