Monday, November 15, 2010

DWTS Ep. 9 (Aired 11-15-10)

First Dance: I get that the Pasodoble is the love/hate dance but this was a bit strange and awkward. What was with Maks’s shoes? Were they tennis shoes? It seemed very modern and nontraditional, and I didn’t think her solo was very up to snuff.
My score: 9

Second Dance: Ooh, sexy outfit, Brandy! I think they spent a bit too long up on the platform, but I thought that this dance was much more passionate and sexy than the first one. It was very suave and sensual which the two of them do so well.
My score: 10

Bristol Palin
First Dance: Swishing her cape can be considered a solo. There is still stiffness in her body and I just get the overwhelming feeling that she is holding hack. It was her best dance so far, and her big hair helped give her some personality and sex appeal. She hit all her marks well, but I just wish that she could get rid of that vacant stare.  
My score: 9

Second Dance: She still looks bored. Her eyes are unchanging, she just looks very pretentious. The music was very bizarre, I didn’t know if it was religious or from a fantasy movie soundtrack. It felt rather strange, but it was pretty and haunting.  
My score: 9

Jennifer Grey
First Dance: Her solo was apropos they just put a smile on my face. She is so joyous when she dances. Great song, I totally get why she wanted to dance to it. It is so hard to believe that she is twice his age when you watch the two of them perform. I loved it, it was adorable.
My score: 10

Second Dance: I loved her dress! Beautiful, angelic, graceful, heartfelt, simplistic, free…She stuns me!
My score: 10

Kyle Massey:

First Dance: He has come even further than Bristol. He is absolutely adorable. He kept up so well with Lacey and he brought fun, charm and excitement. Loved it, like always. His technique was spot on and
My score: 10

Second Dance: OMG, I could not believe that they were dancing to the song from Slumdog Millionaire. He has really become an accomplished dancer and he always impresses me! Fun and exciting like always!
My score: 9

Surprises: Bristol really shocked me; I guess it makes me wonder if even the worst dancers are given a chance can they really improve tremendously?

Disappointments: NONE!

Watch-ability: Best night of dancing so far, and nothing was cringe-worthy or uncomfortable.

Who is getting my votes? Kyle: 5 I wanna see him next week more than Bristol!

Who should get the boot? Bristol is still the weakest link, and has the worst scores.

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