Tuesday, November 9, 2010

DWTS Ep. 8 (Aired 11-8-10)


First Dance: It was beautiful, romantic, and elegant. This competition means so much to her, I am surprised that she didn’t make Carrie Ann cry. They are such a well suited couple and it is great to see their chemistry become so strong. It was technically perfect and amazing to watch.
My score: 10

Second Dance: I thought it was fun, cute, and upbeat. I agree with Carrie Ann that it was weird that they didn’t start dancing right away, but I also agree with Maks that “instant dance” doesn’t necessarily mean dance instantly…That was all rather awkward in scoring…
My score: 9

Bristol Palin:

First Dance: She is still just stiff and awkward. She has improved a bit, but I don’t see any conviction or passion for the routine. She just has one look she doesn’t have differing expressions. It was her best dance, but she is still the weakest dancer.
My score: 8

Second Dance: She looked rather lost at times and really struggled here. All I got from this dance was that she has learned how to shake her ta ta’s but she is over the competition, you can tell. She can’t compete with the others talent and she is still a bore.
My score: 7

Jennifer Grey:

First Dance: It is so heartbreaking that her body cannot keep up with her talent. I was sad to see Derek was dancing for her a bit because of her problematic knee. She looked adorable and it was a very fun and well executed routine. She really impresses me and as much as she seems to be falling apart in rehearsal she always seems to pull it together on show night!
My score: 8

Second Dance: She is so technically precise and her flexibility and stamina is amazing. I have a hard time believing she is 50. Their dance seemed to be a bit slower than the music at times, but she is such an amazing sexy swan.
My score: 10

Kurt Warner:

First Dance: I still noticed how huge his dinner plate hands looked but he is so suave and graceful on the floor for such a big guy. I am always impressed with his performance and charisma; he is so joyous on the dance floor. 
My score: 8

Second Dance: He kept up with Anna really well in this routine. He was energetic and fun and the surprise song didn’t seem to affect his performance. He didn’t seem lost or off at any moment I was very impressed!
My score: 9

Kyle Massey:

First Dance: His feet were still a bit funky but he has improved so much technically and he looked like a serious accomplished dancer in this routine. Very suave, joyous, and mature, I didn’t giggle, I took him seriously. LOVED IT!
My score: 9

Second Dance: He went a little off just a few times but he did amazing considering the short rehearsal time. It was fun, cute, energetic, and such a joy to watch! Very impressive and adorable tricks and gimmicks! LOVED IT AGAIN!
My score: 9

Surprises: The way that Maks and Carrie Ann went at it! I was embarrassed for Brandy. Maks is sure hotheaded.

Disappointments: I feel so sad that Jennifer is having to endure so much pain to get through the competition and it is unfortunate that her body cannot keep up with her spirit.

Watch-ability: This was a fabulous night, probably the best quality of dancing so far!

Who is getting my votes? Brandy: 2, Kyle: 1, Jennifer: 2

Who should get the boot? BRISTOL THE BORE! What is the entire state of Alaska voting for her? 

All pics are from Facebook fanpage : )

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