Thursday, November 18, 2010

Harry Potter Fashion Roundup!

All of them looked great at the London Premiere, I love this picture of the four of them. It is so surreal to see Rowling stand next to the 3 people who have personified her main characters for the past 11 years.

Jo Rowling looks exceptionally lovely and elegant (I think it's cute how her and Watson have a little matchy-matchy going on here with the black lace). Rowling looks very age appropriate and I was glad there was no boobage at this premiere. Not that she doesn't look great for a 45 year old woman, but I think the elegance is more appropriate for a premiere and for an author of her stature.

Emma Watson is adorable in anything, even with her shocking new do, and I really like this dress, it is very fun, but I would have liked to see her in something more glamorous. This looks like something you would wear to the VMA's to me. What I love about her style is that she knows how to be sexy and have fun with fashion without looking like a total slut. The dress is age appropriate and kinda risky without being over the top.

Dan Radcliffe was smart to wear blue. He always looks so miniaturized in a suit, like a tiny Ken doll or something, I think that blue really suits him with those piercing eyes he has, and keeps the traditional wear from being too stuffy and boring. He looks dapper!

Rupert Grint (or as Regis Philbin likes to call him "The Grint") is surprising well dressed! Usually he shows up in a tee-shirt, jeans, and Converse shoes which reflect his laid back personality. I couldn't believe when he showed up to the L.A. Order of the Phoenix premiere in a white Tee with an image of Radcliffe's Harry on it. That was a definite LOL moment. Although I will miss his Keep Calm and Carry On Tee if he doesn't unearth it for the final Potter press rounds. 
I don't know if they all coordinated "let's all wear black" for the New York premiere, and I know that they are probably mourning the end of the series, but this is a premiere not a funeral.

Watson's dress was BORING! If Calvin Klein was going to CUSTOM DESIGN a dress for me, I would certainly pick something more exciting than an LBD. I would also probably be trying to overcompensate for my lack of hair, but maybe she is trying to streamline her look down to something very simple? 

Again Radcliffe looks great in blue, Rupert dusted off another suit to look dashing, and Ralph Fiennes is probably just waiting for his hair to grow back (I didn't know that he shaved it for his Voldie Villian role).
It is great to see Tom Felton less pale, the color and liveliness really suits him and I am sure he is so glad to not be dying his hair platinum blond any more.

Bonnie Wright looked absolutely AMAZING at both premieres last time around. She is a beautiful girl, but absolutely everything about this outfit is wrong. She is so covered up, her lipstick is too dark, and her hair looks dreadful. Plus, who wears stockings anymore? And what is hanging down the front of her dress, a tie? Again, she looks like she is going to a funeral, not a premiere.

This is a perfect example of Lace Gone Wrong. She looks like she fashioned this dress from some Victorian curtains (and with no magical help what-so-ever) Come on Clemence, you are playing the hott Veela chick, sex it up a little. You are British, not Amish! Since when are hardback books a fashionable accessory?

Okay, Poesy's and Wright's outfits were bad, but this is barfable! Katie Leung! Cho Chang! You are the cute little Asian girl Harry has his first kiss with, look cuter! Didn't Potter give you girls enough money to buy yourselves cute dresses? Pea-Green and brown with purple iridescent lip stick...can you get any uglier? 

Felton is the only actor who consistently brings his main squeeze along to events. And she always dresses nice too! I cannot get over how much older she looks than him, but I can see why he wants to show her off.

They looked much more laid back at the New York premiere and I love the button down shirt with the jacket on Felton (it is much less stuffy than a tie). I think that the slits are a bit too many in the girls' red dress, but at least she splashed some color into the event.

Strangely enough, I like the brown suit he wore to the London premiere and the way he offset it with the light blue tie, it's cute and fun! His girlfriend looks much more glamorous than the female Potter stars (hope they took note).

Of course as I said before Watson looks great no matter what. I hated her pixie cut at first, but now I find myself loving it. It is very symbolic for her to shed her Hermione hair and transition into her adult life. I am not a fan of the trinket in her hair however, a headband would have been okay, but face it...YOUR HAIR IS PRACTICALLY NON EXISTENT EMMA, you don't need any adornments to hold your style in place.
Now here is a girl who got it right! You may not recognize Evanna Lynch aka Luna Lovegood without her pale blond hair, but here she is looking sophisticated, glamorous, and age appropriate. The dress and shoes are very shimmery and even though the pale pink hue is close to her skin tone she still pops with that newly red hair and pretty makeup. LOVE IT!

Jamie Campbell Bower...what is there to say...I doubt that he would have looked much different even without the injury. He is the only new character in the bunch of Potter fashionistas discussed here but he really shouldn't have a very large role. He probably attended mainly due to his romantic affiliation to Bonnie Wright. He looks very sloppy. I am not sure if he painted his toes for the occasion or if that is dried blood leftover from his foot injury, but either way I say EW!
And the WORST HAIR AWARD GOES TO: Helena Bonham Carter as always, although this look is actually pretty tame for her. I like the dress, I think it is pretty and weird and bold in a good way (just like her!) Thank you for some color on the Potter carpet Bellatrix! You don't look like a scary Death Eater (just a hot mess)!

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