Thursday, November 11, 2010

ANTM Ep. 9 & 10

It is clear from this photo that Liz was right to go last week. She posed great as a man but she just looks like a whore in this photo, and she was getting on my nerves : ) Kayla and Jane both looked so amazing in these period costumes, I really enjoyed watching this shoot and wished the girls had been a bit stronger as a whole.

I think that Chelsey is probably the strongest girl in the bunch. She is mature, sophisticated, smart, experienced, and strong. Plus, she has the right look to go commercial or high fashion. She knows more about fashion than any of the other girls and is the most appreciative of all the amazing opportunities. I love her look, and she has been in my top two favorites during this competition. I think she deserves to win, and if she doesn't win the competition I hope that 1) she at least gets best photo before she's eliminated and 2) doing the show will get her noticed and help get her foot into high fashion.

That being said, I love Kayla's look and she is the other one of my favorites. She is the girl I want to win. It is so admirable how far she has come and it is great that she has been able to overcome her difficulties in modeling with men. She is such a passionate person and so down to Earth, you can't help but to root for this girl who went from a pauper who used to sleep on the floor in a sleeping bag to a high fashion princess who's wildest dreams within her grasp.

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