Monday, November 1, 2010

DWTS Ep. 7 (Aired 11-1-10)

Brandy: What is this BS about Brandy not feeling sexy? She was sizzling on that stage, I’m sure it didn’t hurt having Maks as a partner. The technique was amazing and she was so into her character. It is unfortunate that she just made a little mistake.
My score: 10

Bristol Palin:  I can’t get over how chunky she looked next to Mark. She didn’t commit to her movements with intensity and she just looked vacant. It wasn’t nearly as charming as Kelly’s rendition, but at least her technique is improving. She sounded like she’s been taking talking lessons from Audrina…
My score: 7

Jennifer Grey: She did an excellent job with the intensity and the technique. Huge improvement from last week, but I still feel like she was missing her facial expressions. It was sharp and on the mark, great finish to a great night!
My score: 9

Kurt Warner: I don’t think this was a very exciting dance for him to recreate. I think he did a good job maintaining his posture in hold, and moved fluidly on the floor. I liked it!
My score: 8

Kyle Massey: The dance was so awesome to begin with I really enjoyed it the second time around too. He did an excellent job following up Maks! I thought it was awesome how serious and committed he was to his movements. I was giggling but I believed him as the angry and intense manly man.  
My score: 9

Rick Fox: I guess he couldn’t jump off the stage which was a bit of a disappointment because that was the best part of Helio’s routine. He looked like a leprechaun pimp in that outfit. Their greens didn’t match…They didn’t look like they were dancing on tempo. Their routine felt slow in comparison to the music. He went over the top with those expressions. It was off time, and felt awkward to me, I didn’t like it.
My score: 7

Surprises: Teams Kristi and Apollo were not evenly distributed as far as talent goes. Kristi did not pick the strongest dancers that she could have. I get that Mark was her partner when they won the competition, but HE’S WITH BRISTOL!!! WTF? Those groups were not fair.    

Disappointments: I cannot believe that Gilles didn’t give Brandy a 10! I know that Jennifer is not 20, but it is so sad to see her bring herself down, she started so strong in the competition, but it seems to be catching up to her : (

Watch-ability: The dance recreations were creative and interesting.

Who is getting my votes? Brandy 2, Jennifer 3, Kyle 1

Who should get the boot? BRISTOL!!! Who is voting for this CHICK? She needs to GO!!! Is all of Alaska backing her or something?

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