Monday, October 4, 2010

Dancing with the Stars Ep. 3 (Aired 10-4-10)

Audrina Patridge: She said she had to dig deep, but I would never think of her as someone who had much depth. I really liked the story that she and Tony constructed. She looked amazing as always. I don’t know if she has had any work done, like her friend Heidi, but I think she has a perfect body. She seemed to stall a bit which broke up the fluidity of the dance. Her expression was a bit blank but she had good eye contact with Tony. She moves well but I was so shocked by the judge’s scores, because I thought it was just okay.   
My score: 7

Brandy: Maks is treating her like his pony with all that smacking. I didn’t get that he was supposed to be her bodyguard, there seemed to be no story in the routine. She did a good job keeping up with Maks, and there was a fun energy to the routine. She uses her long limbs to her advantage, and really accentuates her movements. She did seem to run out of a bit of steam towards the end, but she did good overall, and her routine had pizazz.  
My score: 8

Bristol Palin: I feared we were going to have a Gosselin repeat because she seemed so scared. She needs acting lessons MARK! She hit her marks at the beginning which means she has some sense of musicality, but then she looked like she was walking through her routine. Her expression was very poised but never varied. It felt short, and uneventful. There is no oomph in her, Bristol the Pistol? I think she’s Bristol the Bore! And when did Mark get plugs in his ears? GROSS!
My score: 6

Florence Henderson: The Hills are alive with the sound of music! I could tell as soon as I saw her outfit what that she was supposed to be Maria from the Sound of Music, she even looks a bit like Julie Andrews. Edelweiss is my favorite song from the musical. It was so sweet to see her and Corky be romantic, I almost cried when she talked about her husband. It really helped her to draw from personal experience. She looked like a princess, the way she moved. The routine didn’t wow but she was so pretty and graceful! It was very simple and slow, but it was beautiful.
My score: 7  

Jennifer Grey: I anticipated her ripping off some of those clothes. I anticipated her struggling this week from the rehearsal footage. I was not into those crazy pants she was wearing. The routine looked a little sporadic, she stumbled through this one a bit. They threw in some fancy moves but she and it was cute, but I wasn’t blown away by their story. I love that they redid the segment of their routine to show the judges. Derek is so enthusiastic and so genuinely sweet.
My score: 8

Kurt Warner: They did not get an easy song to work with. Anna’s outfit was very Russian but then they had the British telephone booth, so that confused me. I loved how he compared himself to a tree, he is so funny and that he was willing to wear a tiara on TV. I always love Anna’s dresses, they are weird but beautiful! I don’t know if they really connected the story of the song throughout their dance, they just looked happy. His movement was very fluid but he looked a bit stiff up through his neck to me. I loved when Anna bit her flower when she heard Bruno’s comments and then threw petals at him!
My score: 7

Kyle Massey: He makes me laugh, but I didn’t know how they could incorporate his humor into a waltz and I’m glad they didn’t try. Lacey reminded me of Jasmine; I liked the purple on both of them. He impressed me with his gracefulness and how light on his feet he was for someone of his stature. It was very cute, sweet, and age appropriate! I really liked it! It was a great incorporation of the story throughout the routine. I am glad he is able to be serious and suave.
My score: 9

Margaret Cho: Her outfit looked like a rainbow barfed on her; at least Louis took off that atrocious headdress! I could not stop thinking it was going to be a gay pride routine! She mentioned pride in her rehearsal footage. I want to give her an A for effort, but I can’t.  She makes the most awkward faces, and she does not know how to move her hips! She looked very heavy and she stumbled. She was not light on her feet at all.
My score: 6

Mike Sorrentino: He is not even smart enough to understand the concept of the story of his dance. He is such a hopeless silly goober! Asking Karina if she is going to be a nurse? GIVE ME A BREAK! Use your brain for once instead of what’s in your pants to make decisions! It might do you some good to mix it up! At least he was supposed to be a bit robotic because he was very stiff and had very little movement in his body. Karina danced around him...again. He was channeling Gosselin’s walk/pose method. I did not understand the story at all. The best part of the routine was when they went inside the time machine/ spaceship…whatever it was…
My score: 5

Rick Fox: I thought it was cute how Cheryl told him his face did not make him sexy. I thought they had a good story. He had a bit of trouble with his hips, but he can shake his booty, but it was fun, vibrant, and sexy! It was a nice incorporation of story throughout of him being seduced and breaking free! I’m not surprised that him ripping off his shirt was last minute, he does have a tiny tummy he should get rid of before he decides to show that off again.  
My score: 8  

Surprises: At the beginning when the pro girl in red had her long skirt fell off too soon, it totally threw me off. 

Disappointments: I wasn’t really blown away by anyone, I tended to think that the judges where over scoring. There wasn’t much pizazz to any of the stories.  

Watch-ability: The humor and antics that take place in the rehearsal footage is almost more entertaining than the dances themselves.

Who is getting my votes: Florence: 1, Brandy: 2, Jennifer: 3, Rick:1, and Kyle: 3

Who should get the boot? THE SITUATION!!! Or Margaret…I’m all for gay pride, but the whole routine was just plain queer, as in odd, not homosexual…

All photo's from Facebook DWTS fan page

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