Thursday, October 21, 2010

ANTM Ep.7 Aired 10-20-10

I can't say that I was that fond of the photoshoot this week, because it wasn't very exciting and I didn't think that it was fair that some girls had to portray men and others got to portray women. It's obvious that it is a lot easier to play your own sex even if they are an extreme character. Both Esther and Jane both struggled on just how to stand correctly.

I was glad to see Liz rock it though especially considering that she didn't know who the designer was. However I do think she got lucky in a way but I couldn't help but be happy that she knocked Ann off the top! GO LIZ!
I was glad to see Chelsey redeem herself this week because she really is one of my favorite girls and I think her look is so interesting. She did well in this photoshoot which was needed after that dress catastrophe that Ann put her in for the Grammy Challenge.

Kendall has been so incredibly boring from the beginning, that I wasn't sad to see her go at all. She clearly has no clue what she is doing and her whole portfolio that was shown at the end when they went through each of her photos was BLAH!

I really did not care for this photo of Ann at all, I don't think she looked at all like the designer mostly because they didn't give her the right kind of hair, they needed to give her a wig similar to Esther's for her to truly embody the designer fellow. She clearly did not deserve best photo this week. ICK
Did anyone else think that the photographer was a hottie? More of him please Tyra!

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