Sunday, October 3, 2010

America's Next Top Model Ep. 4 (Aired 9-29-10)

Again, call me bias because I have a thing for red hair, but for me this was the best shot of the week. Kayla just looked the best for the undersea theme with that fiery hair! Princess Ariel!

I was glad to see Lexie redeem herself this week, even if she was a bit whiny, but I am surprised she was the only one who was nauseous. When you see movement in your peripheral vision, it is bound to make you feel (sea) sick!

I don't understand why Esther and Kendal are not featured more, I feel like they are never commented on by Jay or Miss Jay, and they are never featured in the show interviews! I don't know anything about them, it's like they are just floating in the background. They both seem pretty mediocre models to me but they should at least act like they have a personality.

Surprise: Yes, Ann's photo was gorgeous...again, but I would really like to hear someone else's name get called first. She reminds me of Heather from cycle 9 where she's rather awkward in person but then when she gets in front of the camera she barely moves a muscle and everyone thinks she looks awesome! ???

Disappointment: I was sad to see Rhianna go even though I think the judges were right that she wasn't giving them any variety, she showed so much potential at first. She seemed like a really sweet girl too.

Watch-ability: As a whole I really liked this photo shoot, and I thought most of the shots came out quite pretty! Plus, it looks like it's time for some drama as the girls *cough*Lexie* gang up on Kacey...

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