Monday, October 18, 2010

DWTS Ep. 5 (Aired 10-18-10)

Audrina Patridge: I think they should have given her a better song because “The Hills” is not classic TV that the voters are going to be familiar with, and what does “Unwritten” have to do with the show? They seemed to be behind the beat a bit the tempo was much faster than most of the choreography. I thought she seemed timid and unsure of herself, they made a few pretty pictures and sexy connection but it was rather unexciting.   My score: 7

Brandy: I was glad to see her and Maks actually get along this week. Were their costumes supposed to represent the show Friends? I didn’t get that. It was cute and energetic, but I didn’t get the story and it was a bit disconnected. It is great to see her confidence improve because she is such a great performer and seems to be a really sweet girl.  
My score: 8

Bristol Palin: It was so good that Mark got her some acting coaching. I didn’t think Len would appreciate the monkey costumes. I think she got lost in the costume because she couldn’t see. She was so off tempo with Mark and couldn’t keep up with him. That was bad! She was trying so hard but the only thing she did well was shake her ta ta’s. She’s not serious about the competition and I don’t think she cares about improving or learning to dance.  
My score: 5

Florence Henderson: How cute that she was excited to dance the Brady Bunch theme than instead of being disgusted by it. I can’t help but have an enormous smile on my face while I watch her dance. I think Corky seems to drag her around the dancefloor a bit though. Some of her footwork was lagging a bit, but she is so impressive for her age. I think that she and Len have something going on.   
My score: 7  

Jennifer Grey: She’s very emotional and sensitive. They looked way cuter than the characters from Married with Children. The dance was very cute and sweet but it didn’t wow like previous dances of hers. But they dance so effortlessly and are a joy to watch. I think she knew from her expression that this wasn’t her best performance, but she is too hard on herself.  
My score: 8

Kurt Warner: It was cute to see how he educated Anna about Bewitched. She magically turned him into a dancer. It was so cute and suave, a few stumbles, but I really liked it! I think it was his strongest dance so far, he is so charismatic and fun!
My score: 8

Kyle Massey: He is so hilarious and fun. The dance was energetic but it was hard for me to take him seriously with that mustache on his face. He is so committed to his moves and charming! It was so enjoyable and fun! LOVED IT! Maybe it wasn’t enough Foxtrot but I didn’t care, because they did the best at telling a story.
My score: 8

Rick Fox: I didn’t understand a word that Kobe said to him. Man he makes a hott cop! He is rather feminine in the way that he moves his arms, but it was very romantic and sensual. It was one of my favorite dances of his, he is very elegant and
My score: 8

Surprises: The judges’ reaction to Kyle’s dance bummed me out because I was loving it the whole time, but I am not as focused on whether or not it is abiding by the rules of the specific dance they are doing. I thought it was an amazing performance, not worthy of a 5 LEN!

Disappointments: I was sad to see Audrina so unexciting. She has the package and her technique is good. She doesn’t have to be raunchy; I just want to see her step up her game!

Watch-ability: Kurt Warner was my favorite of this week because it was absolutely adorable and improved the most!

Who should get the boot? Bristol needs to go, she is awful and she doesn’t care.

Who is getting my votes: Kyle: 3 Jennifer: 3 Kurt: 1 Florence:1

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