Saturday, October 16, 2010

ANTM Ep.6 Aired 10-13-10

I was so in love with this photo, I think it's the colors and how the yellow and red just pop. I really like Chelsey and was sad to see her so nervous since she was a huge fan of the photographer. I've been there Chelsey, you are so passionate, but you just let your nerves get to you and you become so frustrated with yourself it is infuriating.
Jane looks so stunning in this photo, and I was surprised to see how much she has improved this week, but I still don't think she has much potential and will probably get eliminated soon, but I think Liz should go next. I wasn't sad to see Kacey go since she did so poorly this week and I started to get really annoyed with her. She doesn't even look present in this photo, she is actually pulling away from the male
Chris's girlishness and innocence stunned me but the judges were right it looks very Teen Vogue! It was refreshing to see her so feminine and beautiful this week though!

I didn't understand why the judges OMG'd over this photo. I think Kendall is BORING!!! Plus this pant suit that they put her in is rather unflattering in the bum area, it just looks baggy. Plus in this shot, her jacket blends in with the wall...LAME!

This photo made me realize how stunningly beautiful Esther truly is, she looks great with the dark hair contrasting with her pale complexion. Very Vampire-esc... I just wish I knew more of what her personality was like, I dunno if she's just quite, or they never feature her on the show???
Alright, Ann, you look totally fabulous ANYONE ELSE going to get best photo in this competition EVER?

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