Thursday, October 7, 2010

America's Next Top Model Ep. 5 (Aired 10-6-10)

This has to be the most outrageous challenge in top model history! None of them did it without stumbling and no model ever has to walk on a conveyor-belt. I get that they were trying to get the girls to maintain their composure but they could have come up with something else to distract them while on the runway. What is this Fear Factor meets ANTM?

This is the first photo of Chris that I really liked, she looks intimidating and the height establishes her dominance. She should have gotten best photo, I can't believe she was the only one who thought to jump.

I absolutely love this photo of Chelsey, she looks so devilish and sinister but I feel like I've seen her do this face before by bowing her chin down, I think she has the ability to step up her game.

Kayla rocked it again with her insane fiery hair!

I don't really feel that all the crap the girls are giving to Kacey is really just. I don't think she has done anything mean or obnoxious, and I thought it was noble of her to try to get to know all the girls a bit better even though they all said that they didn't like her.
Her face is weird in this photo, but I think that's due to photo-shopping effects. I love the energy in her body and how her arms are going in opposite directions. I see a lot of energy here and also superiority.

  Yes, Ann has an awesome photo...again, but she is just standing there and doing NOTHING??? I thought her expression was rather scared and unsure in this photo, but whatever, Tyra knows best!

Disappointments: I was sad to see Lexie go, even though she was one of the more annoying girls causing controversy, I really liked her look and thought it was unique. I think she has more potential than Jane. Jane doesn't have a good walk, has yet to have a decent photo, and doesn't have much personality. Considering that Lexie did quite well at the crazy runway challenge, I think she should have stayed.

Surprise: Isn't this a photo of Terra on the crazy conveyor-belt runway? Didn't she get eliminated a few weeks back? Wasn't that the dress Kayla was wearing?

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