Thursday, September 9, 2010

America’s Next Top Model (Cycle 15) Aired 9-8-10

Initial Attraction: Interestingly creative photo shoots/ Tyra Banks antics

Thoughts: Here we go again! I am not surprised that Tyra has decided to throw something new into the mix this season in order to keep the show fresh. Although it is hard not to root for the “pretty girls” on the show, I am always intrigued by the quirky high fashion weirdos so this should be an interesting cycle.

I have to say that Tyra was much more “normal” on this season premiere episode (didn’t you just love the intro that was all about herself?) but maybe she had to cut down on her wildly elaborate entrances for budget sake. Even Miss J was dressed in casual (male) clothing…it was unsettling no?

Also there was a lot less ear splitting screaming (I didn’t even have to turn my volume down like I usually do) in this premiere, but I noticed a lot of timid/nervous girls and a lot more crying.

Here is a breakdown of the models:

Anamaria: Not too impressive, she has a pretty face, she almost reminds me of Lady Gaga in a way (I think it’s the shape of her mouth) but I don’t think she’ll last long, she doesn’t seem to have any personality.

Ann: I cannot help but like this girl, (she reminds me of petite cycle winner Nicole) she is undeniably odd looking, but I really hope that she will be able to use that to her advantage in photo shoots to come and that her awkwardness will not get the best of her.

Chelsey: I was really glad to see her make it, she has such strong features and an air of confidence without being cocky…I wonder if she’ll stay a blonde.

Chris: As half of the annoying sister-sister duo, I really don’t have much of an opinion about her as a model since I find it hard to take her seriously.

Ester: She has beautiful feminine features, but with such a large bust size I don’t know how it will play out during the nude/bathing suit shoots. I have a feeling she may be thrown into the plus size debate. But, Jay did say that she was able to fit into the designers dress with no issue so that may be a moo point.

Jane: I love how wide and flat her face is, you go Ivy League girl! I find it interesting to watch the girls with brains on this show and hope that she doesn’t become too meticulous about her modeling.

Kacey: Don’t like her at all, she’s not only catty but I think Jay is right, she looks OLD! Why’d they bring her back?

Kayla: This girl acts like a scared rabbit! Although she does look much better with the straight hair as opposed those wild curls, I don’t really see high fashion though, she looks more like a swan.

Kendal: I couldn’t stop laughing after her comment about semen that I don’t think I heard much of her interview session with Tyra, she’s gorgeous, but only time will tell if she can model.

Lexie: She’s obviously incredibly confident and she reminds me of girls I went to high school with, that being said, I don’t know if she looks very high fashion, but I think her thin face and long nose gives her an edge. I think she’ll look better with a different hair color.

Liz: I absolutely love the masculine lines of her face, she looks very high fashion to me and I think she is beautiful and could look very exotic. I can’t wait to see what they do with her hair and hope she doesn’t disappoint.

Rhianna: Definitely the stand out girl in auditions, it was obvious that Tyra, Jay, and Miss J all LOVED HER! She seems like she already has the show in the bag, but as the show has gone in the past, the ones who seem promising in the beginning tend to fizzle out fast or let it go to their head and loose confidence. I hope that this is not the case for her because I want to watch her draw upon her surroundings and connect with them to show that modeling is an art form. I’m going to go out on a limb and predict that she’s the winner.

Sara: She’s too loud and obnoxious, I can’t take her seriously.

Terra: As the other half of the sister-sister duo, she seems more serious about it, and a little more humble which I think is a good thing. I hope she out-performs her sister. I thought she was going to have a seizure when she got picked as the last girl. Don’t you always feel so awkward when they react like that?  

Surprises: that they didn’t pick the Megan Fox (I called it before Tyra did) look alike pageant winner. She was so cocky that I thought they would put her on the show just to add drama. I would have loved to see her crash and burn but she does look WAY too catalogue for this cycle.

Disappointments: That Jordan didn’t get picked, she was so much like Cycle 14’s Rae, but then in the end you saw that she really did want it. I was curious to see how she would do and what kind of hair style they would give her for those dopey-esc ears. Trade her for Sara!!!

Watch-ability: I am really looking forward to this season, I have a feeling it might be a little more serious and a little less kooky, but you never know with Tyra. I cannot wait to see these girls smize! I do think that this was the most sane and drama-less premiere I have seen, but for my ear drums and my sanity…that’s a good thing!

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