Friday, September 17, 2010

America’s Next Top Model (Aired 9-15-10)

When are the makeovers Tyra? I wanna see some Top Model Tears!!!

Thoughts: Okay in all seriousness, only a few of these girls are in need of a makeover, and I retract my statement about Ms. Anamaria Gaga having no personality. She has a personality; it’s just not a very good one.

I can’t say that I was sad to see her go, and I think it’s really amazing that the judges all agreed that she was TOO thin! She was like a sack of bones and that is not fashionable. It seemed pretty clear to me that she is one of those girls who looks in the mirror and sees a distorted image of herself. She defiantly has a problem. I love how she thought she was going to have the best high rise runway walk and then she fell! LMAO!

Does anyone else see this though? I couldn’t stop thinking how much she looks like Gaga!

I was so excited to see that Ann got best photo! She was gorgeous on camera; I hope some of the girls start giving her some fashion tips so that she can look just as amazing at panel.

I really commend Kayla for her bravery and her honesty, this photo shoot was really emotional for her but she used that to her advantage and delivered. I love how she was looking toward the light; she was like a beautiful bird. What was up with her voice though??? She was so squeaky, was she ill or is that how she talks ‘cuz if it is she is gonna suck at the live action stuff.

Tera is one of those girls who just let her nerves get the best of her and if she is struggling now, that is not a good sign. I can’t believe she broke down in the first shoot. I don’t think she can handle the pressure.

Surprises: I know that only Sara put “Manly” as her bullying word on herself…but she is not the only one who looks androgynous. Is androgynous high fashion? Overall these girls are not the soft pretty types but do have that hint (or abundance) of masculinity about them.

Disappointment: How did Rhianna get so lost? Step up your game!

Watch-ability: I love how the creators of this show try and put positive messages out there to young girls and show them that they are not alone. Every single one of them had been bullied in some way because of the way they looked or who they were (granted Tera’s “soup cooler” was kinda lame and probably the reason she couldn’t draw any inspiration from it.) I love how Kacey was the “Oreo” that was so creative and a very interesting concept for her to work off of. All in all a really creative and inspiring photo shoot!

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