Friday, September 3, 2010

Pushing Daisies (2007-2009)

Initial Attraction: Lee Pace/ Exploring Death

Thoughts: Embarking on my Lee Pace fanfare I expected to give this show a “shot” and started watching episodes online through links on IMDB. I wasn’t expecting much out of it since it had such a short life on ABC, I didn’t expect to fall in love with this show in the first 5 minutes.

Never have I watched a show that was intro-d with narration in each episode, giving it that “fairy-tale” feel. To me, Jim Dale’s voice is synonymous with magical qualities being so tied to the Harry Potter franchise.

Everything from the varying array of characters, to the candy colored (literally lick-able) set design, to the kooky costumes, makes the show magically delicious.

Aside from Lee Pace’s adorable awkwardness and charming restraint as Ned, the Piemaker, the joy of the show for me was Kristin Chenoweth’s Olive Snook.

I was never a Chenoweth fan (she has that ridiculously high pitched voice) but as I watched her pine after Ned (even when she knew he clearly didn’t return her feelings) and literally hop up and down in her pint sized body to try to be included in the going’s on surrounding Ned, Chuck, and Emerson I felt like I could identify with her the most. Plus I totally LMAO when she was dressed as a nun, singing in a giant field.

Surprise: I almost had a heart attack watching Anna Freil in an interview about the show on Youtube to realize that she is British (VERY British) and it made me wonder if it’s easier for a brit to do an American accent than it is for an American to do a brit accent??? Hers is so convincing.

Disappointments: (should really be “if the show had lasted longer”) that no one else in the cast ever joined in on Olive’s songs, that Alfredo [the mood enhancer guy] never returned, we never found out about Chuck and Ned’s fathers connection or the pocket watch, we didn’t get to see Ned embrace the idea of family, there weren’t more Ned/Chuck touching dreams (come on! You know that Ned would be having them all the time)

Watch-ability: The story is set in a completely fantastical world, yet the interaction between the characters makes you believe you are somewhere real.

“My name is Ned…I wake pies and make the dead, that was creepy…”

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