Thursday, September 23, 2010

America’s Next Top Model Cycle 15 (Aired 9-22-10)

Finally some makeovers! YES! Still the least amount of Top Model tears I think I have ever seen? Curious…

Thoughts: I like it when Tyra spends time with the girls because you get to see her genuine personality. I thought it was cute to see her get excited to see Liz and Sara's baby pics, aw!

It was very clear to me that Terra wasn’t strong enough for the competition or the lifestyle if she couldn't deal with being away from her mommy even though she has her sister there with her. Then the makeovers just totally pushed her over the edge…GOODBYE!

I love how Chelsey is willing to do anything for the competition. It shows how strong and committed she is, most girls would flip if Tyra wanted to accentuate one of their flaws but she embraces the gap in her teeth; wow. She totally rocked the shoot, LOVE IT!

Jane’s longer hair is one of my favorite transformations; it makes her look more feminine.

Yea! Rhianna is going to be a willow hippie!

Kacey’s weave is pretty and I’m glad they gave her contacts; it will help her look younger

I don’t know why Liz was so freaked out by her makeover because it wasn’t that dramatic, she already had such short hair.

Kayla's color scared me at first, it was SO intense, but then I fell in love with it. It really suits her because she is so fair and it makes her pop out of the bunch with her being the only red head. But (psst...) I admit that I am totally bias being an "unnatural" redhead myself. She's becoming one of my favorites! This pic was the best of the week to me, I am so in love with how superior she looks in this scene.

WTF did they do that to Sara’s eyebrows? Darken her hair, but lighten her brows? Are you sure you know what you’re doing Tyra? No wonder she got eliminated! I thought it was funny that Sara came off as graceful rather than seductive and she is the “manly” one! 

I was glad to see Sara go even though Lexie didn’t do well, but I was surprised that she was the one to stay since Tyra said her photo was “blah” !? Lexi looked so dazed in her photo shoot. 

At fist, I thought she was one of the stronger girls but I think I am wrong. But, they made her look old fashioned in her photo shoot which made her look...old? I think she looks rather regal though. 

The guest judges are so often scary, I'm like, "you work in fashion, but you look like that?" She was way too old to pull off that hairstyle.

I thought Chris was gonna crumble with her sister Terra getting eliminated but she let her bitch-ness prevail. “Oh, I knew my sister was gonna get eliminated.” Fine if you knew it, but don’t say that! For looking so devastated she sure got over it quick.

Did anyone else notice how painfully obvious it is that they are using a voice over for Tyra summing up her critiques when she is off camera? It sounds like they are dubbing in Tyra sound bites! Someone needs to get on that to make it sound more natural.

Surprise: I could not believe that Lexi, Rhianna, and Ann let their “fake makeover” prank go so far! Lexi should be an actress that was totally an Academy Award Winning Performance.

Disappointments: The photo shoot as a whole was a let down because the concept was really cool and the girls should have had it easy since they got to pick their own words to embody. Hello? You are surrounded by gorgeous male models; draw some inspiration!

I love how Kayla had no problem with being connected to her male model even though she’s a lesbian. And Ann rocked it even though she admitted that she doesn’t have experience being “physical” with a guy. 

For the most part, they looked like they were all doing Ballet Dancer 101 poses. It would have been fine if they were supposed to be ethereal angels, but these were dark fallen angels, why’d they all look so soft and passive?

I agree with the judges that Ann needs to have a stronger presence in person and I’m glad that they talked to her about it this early on in the competition because I’ve seen them get eliminated for that reason in past cycles and I wouldn't want that to happen to her, hopefully she will bring a bit of her kooky personality across to the judges!

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