Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Dancing With the Stars Episode 2 Aired 9-27-10

Audrina Patridge: Oh no she’s having boyfriend drama? Poor baby… I was shocked that Tony was comforting her; I’ve never seen him be so sweet. She just looked so darn cute up there. I thought she had good posture. Tony was having fun with her, it’s nice for him that he finally he has a good partner. I think it’s funny that the dance studio is an escape from the drama in her life for her! The dance wasn’t super exciting but it was a good job! I’ve never seen Tony so excited! She is sounding more and more like a normal person! That was an epic moment in the Celebraquarium with Brooke; I can’t wait to see Tony’s shaved legs!
My score: 8

Brandy: I love that she messed up last week and no one could tell! Doesn’t every woman seem to butt heads with Maks? Do they pick feisty chicks be partner with Maks so that his butt-head side comes out or is he just really arrogant? Oh well…I still love him anyway! Their routine was cute but it was full with a lot of gimmicks and modern dance moves. It was a little weird, so I dunno quite what to think of it? I think it was too early in the season to give her a solo Maks… The judges scored her too high.
My score: 6

Bristol Palin: She is a pretty girl! Don’t make her ORANGE! What is it with the Oompa Loompa syndrome? Ummm… I will refrain from making offense comments about Sarah Palin here, J but I must say I do quite enjoy that accent of hers! They picked a cute song for her. She looked like she forgot some of her head bobs out of nervousness. She is trying really hard and has improved, but her body she looks stiff.
My score: 6

Florence Henderson: She’s so cute! She’s all star struck and excited for the competition! She’s so funny too! I liked her glamorous housewife outfit! I think her footwork was a bit off and not quite in sync with Corky’s., but, I liked the sense of humor Corky’s put into the routine (especially the end)! Can she be my grandma? She even winks at Len, how precious!
My score: 7

Jennifer Grey: I had no idea that she was a cancer survivor that is amazing that she found out because of the show. I was amazed by how she moves her body. I bet she feel sexier than she ever has in her life! Her moves are so sharp and I can’t believe how she can keep up with crazy-fast Derek. I was so impressed! She does a lot of emoting on her face. I loved how Tom sat down casually on the floor with them to receive her critique from the judges. I was worried that she might pull a Marie Osmand and faint, I have never seen anyone that exhausted after a routine. 
My score: 9

Kurt Warner: He’s funny and goofy but I think Anna is much more serious. That little moonwalk at the beginning was random. I didn’t like the outfits they were boring! I’m not a fan of Army print but they could have come up with a more exciting costume. I wasn't excited by their routine, it was a little blah. He did a good job, but there was no pizzazz to it. I thought he was better last week!
My score: 7

Kyle Massey: I know that he is young but in order to succeed, he needs to take this seriously and improve his diet. He is so silly, has his voice even changed all the way yet?  Lacey looked like a crazy ballerina prom queen, she always had the most fun with her outfits! I thought Kyle looked like he was wearing exercise pants! I think the little gags in their routine were actually incorporated nicely! Not as exciting of a dance as last week but I still liked it! I was surprised that Len said that he liked it since he is usually such a stickler.
My score: 8 

Margaret Cho: I’m glad that she is taking the dance seriously this week! She looked so cute! I’m glad they dressed her feminine. Her movements were a little bit herky jerky, and she had to look to Louis to remember the steps. She did struggle and have some missteps. She was not in sync with Louis, and seemed like she was having a hard time keeping up him. It was such a vast improvement from and I think the audience appreciated that! Louis’ and Margaret’s shade of their pink on their costume did not match and it was noticeable…ew!
My score: 7

Michael Bolton: Laryngitis? Please go home! Why oh why did they put him in that hideous animal print blazer? He was still whining this week, although he had more of a reason to whine, but at least he pushed through. The routine felt rather slow paced but at least he took off that awful blazer. He seems like he’s in good shape, but he still just doesn’t look sexy.  The audience was bored! His steps were awkward, and he looked loose and lazy. Bruno was WAY too mean, I felt really bad for him after that. I didn’t know they had a 3, I don’t think I’ve ever seen it before!!! That was WAY too harsh! He got out there and moved! He did not deserve a 3! Carrie Anne is right about Michael carrying stress in his body, you can see it! Poor thing needs to loosen up!
My score: 5

Mike Sorrentino: At least he is willing to let Karina boss him around, but he is too concerned with his image and looking “cool” at least in the “Jersey Shore” sense, to me he is still a complete goober! I have a feeling that he wouldn’t be working so hard if Karina wasn’t so pretty. Can we please use his name instead of his stupid “Situation” title? WTF? He looked like he was hopping up and down instead of dancing. And I saw a LIFT Carrie Ann! The whole thing was rather awkward!
My score: 5

Rick Fox: He is brave to do a dancing competition knowing he has a foot injury that ended his career. It was sexy and cheeky and you could see how much fun the judges were having while watching it. He is keeping up with Cheryl, which is impressive! He has really good connection to the music and his partner for an athlete. I loved it! I didn’t see any mistakes, but the judges are right it could have been a BIT sharper… WTF Judges? 7?
My Score: 9

Surprise: Giving a 3 to Michael Bolton??? Audrina stepped up her game and made me like her!

Disappointments: Both Kurt and Kyle’s performances were underwhelming compared to last week.

Watch-ability: Jennifer Grey was amazing again and I was SO impressed with Rick Fox this week.

Who is getting my votes? Rick: 3 Florence: 2 Audrina: 1 Jennifer: 5

Who should get the boot? Sorry Michael Bolton, I feel bad for you, but that routine was just bad to the bone! WOOF!

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