Monday, September 6, 2010

Possession (2009)

Initial Attraction: Lee Pace…that’s it

Thoughts: Okay, so by now I am such a monstrous Lee Pace fan girl that I will even sit through a crappy thriller/ sibling switcheroo movie co-starring Sarah Michelle Gellar just to watch Lee (Yikes!)

This movie made no freaken sense. First of all what husband is that darn romantic? Michael Landes’ Ryan seemed more like the wife in this film.

Second, I get the fact that the brothers were lying on the ground beside each other after the car accident, and the when their blood touched it what made Ryan’s spirit jump into Roman’s body (as if your blood touching is really enough to possess someone else) but then how does the fact that Roman was really pretending even make sense?

Call me a romantic, but I watched the alternate ending to this film and preferred it. (In which (Gellar) Jess and (Pace) Roman embrace after he shows her the crib he made and you get the sense that Jess decides to make peace with her decision to love her husband’s spirit through Roman). It sure made a lot more sense with the rest of the plot.

Surprises: What was up with that ending? Does Jess feel her husband’s presence on her neck or something? What the hell? He wasn’t dead? He was in a freaken coma! Was that creepy Roman coming back to haunt her? Why was she smiling? She had just killed Roman and her husband was in a coma and she was pregnant with a dead psycho’s baby???

Lee Pace actually scared me in this one, with his tatto's and bulging muscles, but even when he was trying to beat the crap out of Jess at the end and Jess is retaliating I’m all like “don’t hurt him!” Then I am thinking to myself “he is trying to kill a woman who is pregnant with his baby, this is messed up!

Watch-ability: Uh…Lee Pace shirtless…? That’s pretty much it…

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